Australian High Commission
Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar, Comoros, Reunion Island (consular)

Working in Mauritius

Australians Wishing to Work in Mauritius

The following information has been provided by the Mauritius Passport & Immigration Office in Port - Louis:

Documents to be submitted to the Passport and Immigration Office when applying for a residence permit for employment in Mauritius

1. Application Form to Enter Mauritius to be filled and signed by the applicant or by representative on his behalf.

2. Two recent passport size photographs of the applicant and his/her dependents where applicable.

3. Photocopy of the first five pages of the passport.

4. Letter of sponsor from the company or local counterpart.

5. Documentary evidence that work permit has been applied for.

6. Applicant to produce documentary evidence of family relationship, if accompanied by family or any dependent i.e. birth and marriage certificates.

7. Applicant’s children who have attained the age of 18 years, should apply for residence permit separately with sponsoring letter from parents.


(i). Applicant who has entered the country on tourist visa will not be entitled to work in Mauritius,

(ii). In case applicant is overseas, he/she should ensure that approval has been obtained from relevant authorities (work and residence permit) before undertaking any travel to Mauritius;

(iii). Application should be made on the prescribed form “application to enter Mauritius” which is available at the Passport and Immigration Office and on the internet, Secretary for Home Affairs website;

(iv). All the above mentioned documents should be submitted in originals accompanied by a photocopy of each for consideration (originals will be returned after verification).

Further information on the above may be obtained from the Mauritian High Commission in Canberra. The contact details for the Mauritius High Commission are:

2 Beale Crescent
Deakin ACT 2600
Tel. 6282 4436
Fax. 6282 3235